Assistance for Single Mothers

Looking for assistance for single mothers? Well, there’s plenty to be had. As a single mother, I know what it’s like to struggle. I have raised a family by myself and I know exactly what you can go throw if you struggle. I’ve asked the same questions you may have and I’ve been able to find some answers. Single mother assistance is readily available for mothers are willing to look for it online.

One of the biggest issues a single mother faces is the issue of money. As single mother, money is scarce – I know it was for me. The reason is that us single moms tent to be working jobs that pay minimum wage. Raising a family on minimum wage and by yourself is tough – very tough. Nickels and dimes mean a big deal if you are in this situation.

The temptation here is to look for some easy solution; some quick wade of cash that will solve your problem. However, most moms fail to look at the long term solution – how to fix your financial problems for good. It all comes down to having a better job.

If you can get a career job as a single mother, many of your financial problems will disappear. However, getting such a job can be all but impossible unless you go back to school or get some sort of job training program.

You may wonder how you can pay for this type of program. The answer is by seeking out single mother college scholarships and single mother college grants. I was able to attend school without paying a cent of my own money, just from the variety of scholarships and grants I found. I want to spend this article talking about how to pay for college as a single mother. Getting a college education is tough, but it’s also one of the best ways to ensure that you actually get a good paying job.

Basically, you have three financial aid for single mother options out there: student loans for single mothers, grants for single mothers, and scholarships for single mothers. Many people opt to take out student loans. The government, through it’s federal student loan program, offers some very good student loans. The Stafford loan and the perkin loans are very generous in terms of the interest rates. However, as a struggling mother, paying back a huge loan is not the ideal situation. An alternative is to look at getting both private government grants and scholarships. Some of these financial aid packages will be for single mothers and some will be general ones.

However, you need to apply for as many of these as possible to ensure you get as much funding as possible. I found the government grants for single moms particularly easy to apply for. You can visit the official government website to look for these. Private grants and scholarships are often offered by the college you wish to attend, or by some 3rd party – usually a non profit organization. I managed to receive quite a lot of grant and scholarship funding by doing a search online and checking out every single scholarship and grant offer I found, then applying for it. Most of the time, I did not get the grant or scholarship, but once in a while, I would. These “once in a whiles” really started to add up.

My advice for you all mothers looking for single mother assistance is to be proactive in your search for help. Don’t just sit around and wait for help to fall in your lap. Think about the long term solution to your problems and actively work for it. In my case, college proved to be what I needed to ensure a financial future for myself and my two children. Your situation may be different, but at the end of the day, you will need to take some decisive action – go back to college, look for a better job, actively hunt down grants and scholarships, etc. Don’t give up though – you can improve your situation!

If you are looking specifically for housing assistance for single mothers, we suggest you read our housing resources for single moms article — there is a huge list of links and phone numbers of organizations that can help you.

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  1. It is really encouraging to hear that there is help oput there. I am a single mum of three and I can not have my old job back, because I am not a qualified teacher even though I have been teaching for 10 years. At work hoever they have given me an option, I can have 16 hours work, if I go back to college and show then that I am committed to finish the course that is two years long.
    I am desperately trying to find any possible answer, because I love my job, however I do not know how realistic would it be for me.
    To look after three children and two are under the age of 3, to work 16 hours or more and to study at the same time.

    Please help me

    Thank you.


  2. I’m a newly single mom of 2. I’ve been trying to get disability for a couple years now due to some mental health issues. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I return to work (been a stay home mom for most of the last 8yrs) the disability board won’t take me seriously and will deny me. If I don’t return to work it will cause us to lose everything. What can I do? I have thought of returning to school but have certain limitations for what I can do (online schooling would be best as I have an extreme fear of public) can someone give me any direction or advise? Please email me at [email protected] and put single mom help or something similar in the subject. Thanks for reading.

  3. I am a single mother of three kids and I need assistance in buying my kids a home..We stay with my mom and dad but at time my kids want there own space…

  4. Hi, im trying to do some research about what is out there! Im 20 years old, soon to be 21. I have two children who are 3 and 2. They attend daycare, and i work 40 hours a week. I get paid $7.50 an hour. I also attend GED classes, soon to take my test. I am currently with their father, but im looking at my options. Its a bad situation and it breaks my heart… but i need to leave him and i want to know if theres a way that i can do this on my own. The job i have is for youth and its called a Work experince it’s only for 6 months. Im in a very complicated situation. I have my own home because my granfather took upon his self to purchase it for me and put it under my name. we have to pay him back but the catch is my childrens father is paying everything. there’s no way in the world i could afford any of it. I want to move out of this house and go on my own with my children. I just do not know how to go about that. Can please some one help me.

    • I feel for your situation Tiffanie. You are certainly doing the right thing, going back to school. There is no easy solution to your problem, but you might look at some various women shelter programs available in your area. You can look online or find numbers in the phone book. SOme of these agencies are used to dealing with moms in your same situation and can offer some form of help.

  5. im a single mother of two kids and i know i can suceed in life i just need that push.. to help me. Right now im focusing in school so i can achieve my goals and set the example out to my kids and the community that you can do whatever you want in life and what you put youre mind to. I know there is help out there, but where do i start. Im open all sugestions and im willing to learn more.And for all the woman out there that want to better in life, give themselves an education for a brighter future and for doors to open for us further in life but we cant just expect it to come to us, we must do our best and prove what we want. Thank you for taking youre time and reading this i appreciate it.

  6. Im a single mom of a wonderful lil boy and i am currently pregnant wit my second one and i cant seem to get a full time job to move out i currently have a part time one working 2 days a week on minimum wage and we live with my parents and its crammed enough any advice or ideas please email me i need out of here!
    [email protected]

  7. Hey I am a single mother of 2 im 23 years old my mom and stepdad are letting me stay with them for now , but they said i have to get a job or else there going to kick me out I have never had a job before and i have only finished high school I just got out of an abusive relationship wich is why i have never had a job or futher my career if you have any advice you could give me id be gratfullly appreciated i HAVE APPLIED AT OVER 20 PLACES IN THE LAST MONTH BUT STILL NOBODY HAS HIRED ME NO INERVIE OR CALLS NOTHING plz help me tysvm

    • Ivy, one suggestions I’ll throw out there. It’s pretty important to have a high quality resume when you go job hunting. I’m not saying this will guarantee you a job of course, but a spiffy cover letter and resume and treating applying for work like a full time job in itself is a good way to get a job, even in these rough times.

      Check out this site about resumes. Also look at our career section for a few work from home job suggestions. I’m going to try and update it with way more information for all you guys.

  8. My sister is in a situation where her husband has kicked her out of the house and filed for divorce. She’s been granted temp custody of my nephew, but they have no where to go. She’s called almost every agency available to her in her community, but she doesn’t fit in to most of the categories for help (She’s not a drug addict, not physically abused, not on welfare, etc). She was working full time (employed by her husband), until he fired her on the same day he kicked her out of their home and cleaned out their checking accounts. He tried to keep their son also, but the judge gave him to her. Luckily she has a friend that’s willing to let them stay with her until they find a place, but with no income it’s hard to find somewhere to go. What can she do?

  9. Hello, I am a single mother and i am looking for some assistance with housing but i am having a problem finding a website that doesnt just talk about it or just sign me up for schools. i am already a college student so i do not need to sign up for other schools. i live in arizona and all the services i have contacted out here say there is a 2-3 year waiting list, i am very desperit and i need help now, if anyone out there has found a reliable resource please e mail me at [email protected] please and thank you!

  10. Good Afternoon,

    I am a single mother in need of assistance with my Gas Bill through TECO GAS. I have been out of work due to a Left Knee replacement and then 2 years later went under another surgery on the same knee in order to scrap out the scar tissue, so you can see that I have been through alot in the last 2 years and I am still recovering with a lot of pain and can barely walk, and barely sleep at night. At this time I have not had HEAT or HOT water since July, and I have a 12 year old daughter. I know times are hard but at this time I have asked so many organization for help but yet they do not have any funds. In the last 2-3 weeks it has been really cold and we have been taken cold showers ever since July. If you could find it in your heart to help us I would be so grateful and BLESSED.

    My TECO BILL is 135.00 and a deposit of 115.00, and then a reconnect fee of 50.00.

    If you could be so grateful as to help a single mother reestablish her heat and hot water at this time with the weather so cold I sure would appreciate it.

    My cell phone number with SAFE LINK is 321-230-1769 or E-Mail me at [email protected].

    I would be so grateful. If you could find compassion in your heart I would be so grateful, and GOD be with me and my family.


    And I hope to her from you soon.

  11. I am a very young mother of two boys. One is almost six months and the other just recently turned two years old. I am seventeen. I live with my mother, two brothers, and grandfather. House is too crowded. Its only a three bedroom. My boyfriend and i have been looking high and low for either an apartment/ house for rent. We are willing to pay rent for a low price ($0-$650). He has two jobs. I am in need of one. My mother and i arent getting along with the frustration due to no room. So please if anyone has any helpful answers for me, please contact me through my email. [email protected]

  12. I am a single mother of three handsome young men at the age of almost 35 never been married all three boys have the same father. I was just email you all for a word of encouragement I do not know you alls faith but I believe in God. He said in his word I never leave you nor forsake you all need to take a closer walk with the Lord he will make everything alright. Sometime in life we find ourself hold on to the wrong thing when we need to hold on to God unchaging hand.

  13. I have read all of your messages….and it broke my heart. I was with my highschool sweetheart since i was 14…..married him 10 years later….so it was a total of 22 years with a man i thought was my everything. I had two beautiful children with him. Worked outside and inside the home. After we had kids he wanted me to be a stay at home mom. I wanted that too. My kids are my life. I didnt want anyone raising them but me. So….i left work….did part time work from home….took care of my family….i was happy. Then we started having problems in the marriage…..and he would degrade me. He would never be home, and i did everything, but he would still degrade me. I took my children to dance classes…parent teacher meetings…soccer….while he was absent. He ws an engineer and work was his life. When i had finally had enough….i started to tell him…it was marriage counselling or i was leaving with my kids. They and i deserved better. He didn’t take anything i said to heart….and when i tried to leave….he begged me to stay and unpacked the bag i had packed ready to go. He then decided i was already gone from him in my head….so he made up a story to get me out of my house and keep my kids. The one thing he knew i lived for. He stayed at work one night…didnt come home….and basically text me to get me irrate. I did…and he took the text to the police and said i was trying to kill myself. I was taken to a mental institute….was released in 3 hours after going through tests to determine i was crazy. They old me i was fine…but i couldn’t go home. I had to be away from him for 48 hours cause it was a domestic dispute. I stayed with a friend….waitied till i could go back home to see my kids….and i was then served with papers as i approached my empty house…..dark as night alone. He stole my kids on a bogus accusation….and got away with it. I speant all i have on lawyers to get my kids back…i lost. I do have shared custody of them now….but fought for it. He had me on visits with people present at first….court ordered. It was awful for my kids…degrading for me….and all because he wanted me to love him and stay with him, when i could no longer. He was out of control…my kids knew it….but he took the one thing i always told him if he ever did….we were done….my kids. my life. Long story short…it’s 2 and a half years later…i’m still fighting for my kids and trying to survive with very little money. One thing i did learn….the system doesnt always work….it failed me. I’m so sorry ladies….i feel for you….this has to stop…stay strong….xo

  14. I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl that is 16 months old, she is my world. I have been taking care of her on my own since the day she was born with only little help from my parents babysitting while i work. Im having alot of mental health issues. My boyfriend and i were together for 5 years separated and now back together for almost 2. I thought i knew everything about him but recently i have been proven wrong. I learned that he is addicted to porn and craves attention from girls. I have always had trust issues, can not trust anyone and im pretty insecure. I had a bad expierience with anti depressant drugs and am terrified to try them again. I have been getting therapy but i feel like its not helping and its just making me think more. I am constantly checking up on my boyfriend and contimplating our relationship. I feel rushed because we are supposed to be baling out of our lease and he is buying a house. If our relationship doesnt work out my daughter and i are going to be left with no where to go. And this is my only rental history so im afraid i would never be able to rent again on my own. i work part time and barely can get by on my pay. I would like to work full time but day care prices make it so its not even worth working full time. Im heartbroken, confused and scared. I feel like i need time to work on my issues but i have no time alone and no one i can talk to about this. PLease help,any advice will be soooo much appreciated

    • Hi, Maralynn. We suggest you look at our “Resources” section. There are a number of links and phone numbers to agencies that can offer you some sound advice. As for work, we suggest looking at some place like where you can do part time / full time work online for people. You simply need to be able to write articles or perform tasks online.


  15. I am a single mother of three beautiful daughters. i work only 24 hours a week im currently staying with my parents.i am trying my best. im taking my online classes for a high school diploma.i want my kids to be safe,in their own home something that i can afford and able to raise.i can only recieve childsupport for one child.its really hard but i work and try to save but sometimes thats hard.i am independent but its becoming complicated.i dont know what to do.i need some would truly be appreciated

  16. Omg i have the exact same problem that sara has. Trying to get on disability for mental issues but kmowing i have to go finish college or i will never be able to support my 3 kids, especially as a single mofher. So im just stuck here in limbo and nof exactly sure whats the bszt choice. Im also fearful to go back to college bc of my severe bipolar and ADD issues which has caused me to wig out and drop out of school for several different semesters before.

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