Canada Grants

We’ve talked extensively about American Grants for Single Mothers, US State Assistance programs, and other financial help agencies for American women. However, there are a number of Canadian assistance programs for Canadian Moms/Dads. The Canadian assistance programs work quite a bit different than the US assistance programs. Frankly, there’s just a lot more of a […]

Scholarships for Single Mothers

Single mothers are responsible for all the duties of both household and finance. It is easy to begin to get bogged down in a rut and put your dreams of furthering your education on hold. According to some sources nearly 38% of single moms live at or below poverty level. In today’s society it is […]

How to Apply for Business Grants

Home Based Business has been getting a lot of attention from the media and the government has followed suit. There are now grants available for anyone seeking to start a home based business. Before we get into where to apply you should understand the basic mechanics of applying for a home based business loan or […]

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers

Financial assistance for single mothers is possible through a variety of government initiatives and private financial aid programs. This post, we’ll take a look at some of the specific programs as well as a general introduction to financial assistance. I try to offer as much relevant and real information in this post as possible, considering […]

Grants for Single Moms

Getting a grant as a single mother can seem like a daunting and lengthy process. A grant for single mothers can open a door to other areas and free up your time and energy to be focused completely on your child. There are so many ways to go about getting a grant and a successful […]

How to Find Home Grants for Single Mothers

In recent years the number of home grants for single mothers has fallen. The amount of money and grants made available has stayed the same or even increased, the problem is that grant money is slowly being taken from the individual and given over to companies. To make things more complicated, different grants will alter […]