Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Single mothers looking to finance their first home will run into all types of mortgage options. This is a narrative that will not only explain to you what an adjustable rate mortgage is but also how it works.  It will also touch upon the pros and cons of this type of mortgage. Not all mortgage […]

Buying A Home for Single Mothers Resources

If you’re a single mother in the market for a new home, chances are your income is limited. Government statistics say that around 80% of single-parent households are managed by females, and the fact that this is by definition a single-parent home means that money is probably tight. But this is no reason to put […]

Housing Resources for Single Mothers

One of the most daunting challenges facing the single mother in today’s economy is finding or keeping safe, affordable housing for her family. If you anticipate problems or are currently experiencing them in these difficult times, take heart in the fact that there is plenty of help out there for you (see resource links below). […]

Government Issued Mortgages

If you are a single mom and are looking to own your own home or are trying to refinance a mortgage you will want to read this article.  There is an epidemic of foreclosures and lenders are being extremely cautious these days. Finding mortgage loans and refinancing options has gotten harder but they are out […]

The Mortgage Application

Like all things that require you to go through a lengthy process, applying for a mortgage can seem a bit frightful. The most difficult part of the entire process is getting together all of the papers that you will need and various other proofs. It takes a lot of different documents to get a home […]

Picking Out a Mortgage

Picking a mortgage is one of the most challenging decisions you are ever going to make. The mortgage will be with you for years and so will the company you have chosen. A mortgage payment will account for 1/3 of your income or more every month for 30 years. It is only natural that you […]

Mortgage Basics

Owning a home has always been billed as a part of the American dream. There is nothing like the feeling of stepping across that threshold and being able to say this is mine. For some people this takes thirty years or more because until you make the final payment the house truly belongs to the […]

5 Popular Mortgages Loan Programs

There is nothing like having a variety when shopping. The mortgage industry has taken that into consideration and they offer several very different options for you to choose from. As a single mother you may not be able to handle the payments and interest of certain types of mortgages so it is always best to […]

Getting Ready For The Mortgage: An Overview

There are many steps you need to know to get a mortgage as a single mother. Now keep in mind that we are assuming that as a single mother you have a job, a credit history, and employment history. This is not a guide for how to get a mortgage with bad credit, but rather […]