Canada Grants

We’ve talked extensively about American Grants for Single Mothers, US State Assistance programs, and other financial help agencies for American women. However, there are a number of Canadian assistance programs for Canadian Moms/Dads. The Canadian assistance programs work quite a bit different than the US assistance programs. Frankly, there’s just a lot more of a […]

Money for Single Moms

If you’re a single mom in need of money, there are a number of avenues to explore. It’s not likely you’ll find a pile of cash somewhere (best to keep the lottery on the back burner), but using a combination of the ideas below, you might in time begin to get your budget back on […]

Housing Resources for Single Mothers

One of the most daunting challenges facing the single mother in today’s economy is finding or keeping safe, affordable housing for her family. If you anticipate problems or are currently experiencing them in these difficult times, take heart in the fact that there is plenty of help out there for you (see resource links below). […]

Single Mother Health Care And Drug Resources

Whether you’re trying to obtain insurance for yourself and your children, are having trouble paying for insurance you already have, or are struggling with the financial and emotional difficulties of a serious or chronic illness in your family, there are many resources you can investigate for help. There is SO much BS information online about […]

Food Resources for Single Mothers

Every mother knows or can imagine the special terror of being unable to feed her children. This is the one absolute essential—without quality food and enough of it, children will not thrive, no matter what kind of shelter they have, no matter what clothes they wear, no matter what kind of school they attend. All […]

Childcare Resources for Single Mothers

As a single mother who needs to work, you know that the decision to leave your young children in somebody else’s care is a difficult one. Note, this currently applies to the USA, but we will have a Canadian and UK version soon. Making it even more difficult is the outrageous cost of child care […]

Single Mother Job Resources

Need a job? Need a better-paying job? Or maybe you need a job that gives you the flexibility to care for your own children instead of paying hundreds a month for child care. Whatever you’re looking for, you already know that the market is tough right now. You’ve taken a good first step by searching […]