Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Alaska

Being a single mother in Alaska is difficult. In today’s economy, what was already difficult to make ends meet is becoming even harder. Food, a place to live, and daycare facilities are hard to come by in a state where there are not many people you can depend on. Thankfully, there is financial assistance for single mothers in Alaska.

While actually receiving cash as a form of financial assistance is unusual, Alaska has a program called the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP). This program, if you qualify, will provide you with monetary assistance while you look for employment. Otherwise, the remainder of the financial assistance in Alaska is based on services or products to assist a single mother.

Food Assistance

financial assistance in alaskaThe Family Nutrition Program offers assistance to single mothers through several options. First, Alaska supports the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program that assist pregnant mothers or children under five years old by providing vouchers for nutritionally based foods.

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) works to try and improve nutrition for low-income pregnant and breastfeeding women, an up to one year postpartum. It is important to note that Alaska does not allow a mother to be on CSFD and WIC at the same time. However, there will be women available to help you find out which program will work best for you.

There is also the Farmers Market Program available. This program assists farmers and local gardeners, as well as women on WIC by providing vouchers to the vendors at the Farmers Market. The hope is that it will not only spur the local economy for growers, but that women will learn to enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables that the Alaskan landscape can provide.

Childcare Assistance

Childcare is imperative for a single working mother. Therefore, Alaska has the Child Care Assistance Program. This program provides assistance with child care expenses for eligible families. Known as Parents Achieving Self Sufficiency (PASS),  the program is broken into three different categories of assistance. You can find the application listed at the official Alaska website under the public assistance pages. There is also assistance available for special needs children.

Healthcare Assistance

For children’s medical coverage, Alaska offers Denali Kidcare. The insurance covers children up to the age of 18, as well as pregnant women. There are also medical benefits for low-income households that do not get private insurance coverage through the state Medicaid program. And, if you have a chronic illness, you may qualify for Chronic & Acute Medical Assistance Program.

Housing Assistance

Having a safe environment is important to single mothers when it comes to housing. If you find that you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable with your home, there are several housing assistance programs available through the state.

The first option is called Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program provides eligible low-income households with an opportunity to live in a decent neighbor at a reduced rate. The family leases the home from participating landlords, which keeps the rent low and provides a safe environment for your children.

Another option for single mothers is public housing. The Alaska Public Housing Center provides safe, affordable housing. Alaska also participates in Section 8 housing. Both programs are geared to eligible families that will receive a rent subsidy to pay for a percentage of the rental amount.

Alaska also offers a general rental assistance program for needy families. The guidelines are slightly different for each of the possibilities, so it is worth it to check out the Alaska State web site for specific details.

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