Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Arizona

Whether you started out as a single mother, or whether you have recently become one, being single and taking care of a family is a challenge. Most single mothers work hard, often with more than one job, and still struggle to meet the most basic needs of their family. While being a single mother is difficult, you do not have to go about everything alone. There is financial assistance for single mothers in Arizona, and you should look into any part of it that you may need.

Food Assistance

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Nothing is worse than not having enough food for your children. Many women will forgo food for themselves in order to provide for their children. While this is noble, it is not necessary.

Arizona participates in the WIC program. This federally funded program provides nutritious food for infants through age 5 and pregnant and lactating women. While you do need to fill out an application, your local Department of Health services can help.

Arizona also offers Nutrition Assistance (formerly called the food stamps program). This program will provide vouchers for food depending on the family income and the number in the family. It is important to understand that this program is not meant to be permanent. The idea is to help families in need until they can get on their feet financially. You will need to fill out an application and meet their criteria as well.

If neither of those programs work for you, there are always food banks nor food pantry’s that can help you with basic grocery items. Many churches participate in food banks and are more than happy to help connect you to the proper resources.


Equally important for working single mothers is the availability of quality childcare. If a single mother cannot find childcare, she cannot work. In order to assist mothers, the Department of Economic Security (DES) offers childcare for employed parents or those seeking to complete their GED.  If you do not qualify for the state childcare assistance, you can always look to local churches and mother’s day out groups. It might even be possible to work out a job share possibility with another mother who needs childcare as well.

Medical Assistance

Coming in just behind childcare, the need for medical insurance for your children is crucial. No single mother wants to be in the situation where her child needs immediate attention, but doesn’t have the money. Arizona offers KidsCare to low income families who need medical, dental and vision coverage for children up to the age of 18.

And while insurance is a must for the children, Arizona also offers affordable medical insurance to needy adults. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) provides insurance for adults for a reasonable cost. If you are in need of coverage, you can check eligibility guidelines.

Educational Assistance

If you would like to continue your education and go to college, there are many grants available for single mothers. Simply fill out a FAFSA form and you will be able to see what type of educational aid you qualify for. Returning to school is always a great idea, you can achieve higher paying jobs if you have a degree. For more information, you can search any search engine with the phrase “free money for college”.

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