Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Arkansas

As many single mothers find out rather quickly, it is difficult to support a family with only one income. With the economy the way it has been, and with the rising costs of everything from paper towels to toothpaste it can be daunting. Single mothers have options, however. Arkansas has several programs that can provide financial assistance to families in need.

Food Assistance

financial assistance in arkansas

As with most states, Arkansas participates in the federal program WIC. WIC is a program that provides nutritious food to supplement regular groceries. This program is limited, however, to pregnant women, children under 5 year’s old and lactating women. If you qualify, you will receive vouchers towards certain food items based on how you qualified. For additional information you can go here.

Arkansas also participates in SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which was the old food stamps program. This program works by providing monthly electronic benefits transfer cards, much like a debit card, that can be used for grocery items. You can check out their webpage eligibility information.

Arkansas also has a large food bank network that is available for low income families. There is a food bank in most areas of the state with the goal to make sure that no children go hungry.

Medical Assistance

Nothing is more terrifying than your child needing medical care and your inability to pay for it. Thankfully, Arkansas recognizes the need for affordable health care. With ARKids First, this state-sponsored healthcare program is available for low income households. This insurance is geared towards single mothers who make too much money to qualify for Arkansas Medicaid, but still cannot afford private insurance through their work. Look here for additional information.

Arkansas also offers Medicaid  at no cost for families that qualify. Simply go to the website and fill out an application to see if you qualify.

Childcare Assistance

Working cannot happen if a single mother’s child is not cared for during the day. It is often difficult for single moms to afford childcare because they do not make enough money to make it worth the cost. Rather than get discouraged, if you are working 30 hours a week, you may qualify for Better Chance Child Care Assistance. This site provides detailed information about qualifications, how the process works, and how to get additional information. Arkansas wants single mothers to become self sufficient, so this program works to provide support while encouraging independence.

Housing Assistance

While most single mothers do not have to worry about housing, there is a percentage of single mothers who are left homeless or without the ability to pay rent. If this situation applies to you, look into HUD programming to see if you can receive rent payment vouchers or qualify for Section 8 housing. Everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to work if you do not have an address to put down. Look into these alternatives as well as shelters that can assist mothers in finding affordable housing.

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