Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Florida

Most people would be envious to live in sunny Florida. However, single mothers do not usually get the luxury of time to spend staring at the bright blue water off a Florida coastline. There are many different struggles that single moms face when trying to raise a family. Getting your life on track and in the right direction is top priority. Thankfully, Florida has several programs available to help single mothers get their feet on the ground.

Food Assistance

florida flagMost mothers want what is best for their kids nutritionally. However, it often seems like the least expensive food available in the markets have little nutritional value. Florida’s Food Assistance Program, once called the Food Stamp Program, is to assist low income families with purchasing nutritious foods for the household. Florida has strict eligibility requirements, so it is important to go to their website or stop by a local office to see what the requirements are. If you do qualify, you will get an EBT card, like a debit card, and you will be allowed to purchase most nutritional food items. For qualification information, go to . Florida also participates in the WIC program for women and children under five years old. Check at your local Department of Health office for details.

Healthcare Assistance

Most parents want to ensure that their children are healthy. If you are in need of medical coverage for your children, MediKids is the Florida KidsCare program. This program offers low cost coverage for children ages 1-4. . Florida also offers Medicaid for low income families at no cost to the parent. The emphasis of Florida’s Medicaid coverage is to provide medical insurance for low income children. There are a variety of eligibility criteria and several different types of assistance available. If this sounds like a program that can help you, go to for additional information.

Child Care Assistance

In order to be able to provide for their children, single moms must be able to work full-time. This can be difficult if the children in the home are not school aged. Many single moms feel overwhelmed with the thought of leaving their child with a complete stranger and not knowing if the provider is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

If you need help with finding safe, reliable child care Florida offers help to struggling mothers through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). While they may not pay or subsidize the child care, they will be able to point you towards safe, reliable care.

Educational Assistance

Single mothers should never forget that returning to school is an option. While it may not be possible to return to school full-time, there are plenty of part-time day and evening classes that can help get you into the career field of your choice. Often the cost of returning to school is the reason given for not pursuing it. While there is no doubt that an education costs money, there are many ways for single moms to qualify for financial aid. Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs are one way that single mothers can fund their schooling. Take the time to look through the website thoroughly before making any decisions. It just may be the best decision you ever make.

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  1. I am looking for any kind of help I can get for housing have two jobs and 3 kids I take care of one my own I need just a little boost to help us get going in the right way please can some one help me find something I am at the end of my rope and don’t know where to turn

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