Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Hawaii

Hawaii is often considered the island of dreams. With gorgeous sunsets, crystal blue water, and light sand beaches, it is often equated with paradise. But single mothers rarely get the opportunity to stroll along the beach or watch the sunset. Instead, this tropical paradise is no different than being in a huge city on the mainland. The major difference is that things cost more in Hawaii due to the need to import many items.

Food Assistance

hawaii flagAll children need to eat. All parents must feed their children. While this is a basic statement, it can be difficult to fulfill for single mothers. The Hawaii Department of Human Services offers the SNAP program. By going to you can find out all of the eligibility requirements and have most of your questions answered. The goal of the program is to help low income families while they become independent.

WIC is also offered in Hawaii. WIC is a federal program that supplements the nutritional needs of pregnant women, women with children under five, and women who are nursing. If you fall into any of those categories, WIC may be able to help. Go the their website for more information. .

Healthcare Assistance

Most employers offer health insurance, but sometimes the cost is too high for a single mom to be able to carry it. If you are an adult who needs health care or if you have children that need healthcare coverage, you can go to to see if you or your children qualify. While the healthcare may not be completely free of charge, they do offer a sliding scale program that looks at your income and your expenses to determine a fair charge.

Child Care Assistance

If a single mother cannot work, then she cannot earn money to pay the bills or put food on the table. Child care can be very expensive, especially if you are trying to get into a well-known center that has a good reputation. To assist single mothers, PATCH exists. PATCH helps match low income families with the child care assistance program that matches their need. If child care subsidy is needed, then PATCH will help you determine if you qualify. Or, if you need to know about programs for preK children, they can help you there as well. This comprehensive program will make finding child care and paying for child care less stress on your family. Go to for contact information.

Educational Assistance

Many single mothers think about returning to finish their degrees, or think about starting a school in order to get a higher paying job. Sadly, most single mothers abandon the thought due to the cost of education. It is true that college does cost money, but there are many grants and scholarships that can make attending college more cost effective.

There is also a much larger number of online colleges that are accredited and operate with federal money. These schools might be the perfect place to start, directly from your computer. Do not give up on returning to school if it is something you truly desire to do. Go to to find out more information about what you might qualify for.

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