Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Iowa

There are many great things about living in the mid-West. One of the best things about daily life in Iowa is their appreciation for family and friends. Even with family and friends as your focus, however, it can still be tough providing for your family as a single mom. Rather than struggle in silence, look into the programs available through communities in Iowa.

Food Assistance

iowa stat assistance flagFood is a basic necessity for survival. Oftentimes, single mothers cook meals that are made from inexpensive and relatively unhealthy components. If you are in need of providing healthier meals to your kids, you can look into the Food Assistance Program. Similar to the old food stamps program, the FAP is geared towards low to medium income families that need healthy, nutritious food and groceries. By going to the website, you can see if you are eligible for this program.

Iowa also participates in the WIC program. WIC is a non-profit organization that helps pregnant women, nursing women, and children under have get balanced diets. The offer training and classes, but also provide nutritious supplements such as milk, eggs, and iron rich cereals. There are also many food pantries that are provided by communities at churches and other area locations. This food is provided free of charge for needy families and usually consists of dry goods and non-perishable items.

Healthcare Assistance

If you are lucky enough to have private insurance offered through your place of employment, that is a great benefit. However, many single mothers do not have the option of insurance where they work. If you would like your child to have medical insurance, you can go to the state website to see if you are eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is medical insurance paid for through the State.

If you do not qualify for the state Medicaid plan, then you can get coverage for your children at a reduced rate through HAWK –I Healthy and Well Kids program this insurance program uses a sliding scale based on income and othr factors to determine how much you would need to pay.

Child Care Assistance

Child care is a necessity for single mothers that do not have school aged children. No mother can work if she is concerned about the safety and welfare of her children. If quality child care is preventing you from being able to work due to cost, you might qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program. It is worth looking at the website to see details of their assistance.

Educational Assistance

For some single mothers, returning to school is their main goal. Many moms want to return to school and go to college, but they feel that it is too expensive and out of their reach. While no one can deny that getting a college degree is expensive, not every person has to go to a four year university. There are many technical fields that only require a 2 year degree and there are many scholarships and grants available for single moms. Go to to see if returning to school just might be right for you.

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