Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Maryland

Raising children today can be tough. There are so many aspects to child rearing that many people without children do not consider. There is a need, sometimes, for single mothers to get some help when money gets tight or unexpected things happen. It is during these times that knowing what is available to a single mother can be truly helpful.

Food Assistance

maryland state assistanceIf some unexpected emergency comes up, like car problems, sometimes money that is dedicated to food has to be diverted to fix the problem. If it happens that every month you are struggling to get food on the table, it is good to know that Maryland offers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP is a voucher program for low income families that qualify. Families are usually given an EBT card that they can use to supplement their grocery money and purchase nutritional food items. For additional information you can go to .

Maryland also participates in the WIC program for pregnant women, children under the age of 5, and women who are nursing. It also offers supplemental nutrition as well as nutritional counseling for single mothers. You can go to your local Department of Health and Human Services to find additional information.

If, however, you find you are in need of simply temporary help for a bad week or so, you can go to any local food pantry. Many of the food pantries provide non-perishable items either free of charge or for extremely low amounts. Check in the yellow pages or at your local churches to find detail.

Healthcare Assistance

Nothing is worse than having a child who is sick and knowing that you cannot afford to take him to the doctor. If you are not able to provide medical care insurance for your child, the state may be able to help. Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid) is provided for qualifying low income households. If the parent qualifies, children will get free medical, dental, and vision, benefits at no cost to the parent. To determine eligibility go to

If you make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, you still may be eligible for Maryland Children’s Health Program. This program is based on a sliding scale fee and provides coverage to children up to the age of 19.  Go to for details about qualifications and limitations on coverage.

Child Care Assistance

In order for a single mother to be able to provide for her children, she must be able to work. While many mothers have children that are school-aged, there are also a large number of single moms who have children below the age of five. In these cases the mom must find reliable and safe childcare for her child. If you have tried day cares and have found them to be too expensive or unsafe for your child, you may qualify for Child Care Subsidy. Simply follow the provided link to read about additional details that could help you

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