Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Nevada

Nevada is the huge state that is located in the western part of the United States. The area of the state is about 110,000 sq miles. This is the seventh largest state in the United States. Also in terms of population, the state comes in at number 35. Considering the fact that the state is so vast, the population is quite sparse. There are many single mothers who reside in Nevada. Many of these single parents and single mothers suffer from financial difficulties because of the hard times in the recession.

Transportation for Single Mothers in Nevada

nevada state assistanceTransportation is a necessity for everyone. Many single parents may not be able to afford a vehicle of their own due to financial constraints. In these cases, public transportation at Nevada can be quite helpful. If there is no public transportation available, single mothers may have to find other alternative to get where they need to go.

Single mothers Healthcare

Health care insurance is usually provided by the employer. However, if health care insurance is not provided at your place of work, then a trip to the doctor would drain single parents of their income. Children get sick and need to go to the doctor so parents need health insurance to be able to take care of them. Medical assistance is provided by the government in different forms. Most families who fall in the low-income groups can avail of the Medicaid program which is available from the government of Nevada.


For a mother, taking care of the children is one of the greatest responsibilities. There are many times when a mother will have to leave her children at home in order to continue her full-time job or schooling. Also, single mothers usually struggle in order to take care of their children because of the cost involved with paying for childcare. In Nevada, The Division of Welfare and Support Services offers financial assistance to single mothers. The child care and development fund is one of the programs that are offered by the state of Nevada in which parents having children under the age of 12 can get financial assistance for childcare. This helps lessen or even eliminate the cost of childcare for parents who want to work or go to school.

Food and supplies

It often happens that single mothers and single parents cannot afford to buy good food for the family. In situations like this, the government has programs like the supplemental nutrition assistance program that offers financial assistance to single parents in purchasing the basic necessities like food and other supplies. In order to qualify for this service from the government, the person may need to have children under the age of five.

Grants from the Government

As always, government grants are free money that is received from the government. These monies do not have to be paid back to the government as long as it is used for the intended purpose. The government also gives a lot of grants for single parents and single mothers in the form of college grants in order to pursue their higher education.

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