Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the United States. This state was named after the English county of Hampshire. In terms of the size of the state, it is very small and ranks 44 among the 50 states in the country. In terms of population, it ranks at number 42. In the census that was conducted in the year 2010, the population of New Hampshire was revealed to be about 1,300,470 residents.

Of those residents, there are, of course single mothers who need financial assistance to take care of their families. Single parents are becoming quite common because of the high divorce rate. Most of single parents struggle with finances in order to raise kids and also to take care of themselves. It is even more difficult because of the recent recession that a taken the world by storm.

Rental assistance from the government

Getting a house is one of the basic necessities of everyone. Many people cannot afford to buy a house of their own or even rent a place of their own because of financial constraints. When it comes to rent and housing, the state of New Hampshire has several agencies which provide financial assistance for housing. Some of the agencies in New Hampshire include the housing financing authority, HUD, and various other agencies that provide rent assistance or financial assistance to buy houses for low and moderate-income families.

Education Grants in New Hampshire

In many cases, a good education is the difference between having a good job and a job that may not be very good. The world of education is constantly changing and consequently the job sector is also constantly changing. Employers are recruiting more people who are highly qualified and well educated rather than people who are not educated at all, or who are undereducated. For many single parents and single moms education, is a big barrier that prevents them from getting a good job. They need to go back to school to earn their degree in order to get a higher paying job.

The state of New Hampshire provides single mothers with education assistance like college grants and other forms of grants which can help to pay for school related fees, or to even completely pay for higher education like getting a college degree. If money is the only hindrance that stops single parents from getting a college education, then the government is definitely there to help in the form of government grants.

New Hampshire Healthcare

For single parents who work in a place where they are not provided with health care insurance, it is very difficult to get medical services from the doctor. Although it is common for the employer to usually provide health insurance to the employees, it is not unheard of that employers sometimes do not provide health care insurance to employees. In cases like this, the state government provides health care assistance to families of low-income and moderate income. The Department of Health and Human Services is one of the departments that provide healthcare insurance and services to single parents and single mothers.

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