Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in North Carolina

North Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the country. The economy of North Carolina has undergone drastic changes in past few decades. The change of the economy has come from the state relying on engineering and technology more than the traditional source of income which used to be tobacco and furniture.

As always, it is very difficult for a single parent to get along in an economy which changes drastically. For single mothers facing financial difficulties, it becomes even more difficult to take care of the family. Single mothers often rely on financial assistance to be able to meet the needs of their families. The main source of financial assistance in North Carolina comes from the government and a few private institutions.

North Carolina Healthcare

Health care in North Carolina is very easy to get for families of low-income groups. Many single parents who fall in the low-income group do not get financial or health care insurance from the employers. For these low-income group families, the government provides medical assistance in the form of Medicaid programs and health choice for children programs. In North Carolina, these programs are designed so that families who have low incomes can also afford good medical treatment from quality sources.

If the family or a single parent makes more money than the maximum amount of money that qualifies them into the low-income group, they may not be able to get medical assistance in the form of Medicaid. However, these parents can opt for medical assistance under the health choice for children’s program.

College grants for single moms

Single moms usually spend more time taking care of their children and working. However, many of these single mothers would like to go back to school or pursue higher education if they would have the required resources and the financial assistance they need. Many of these single mothers do not have good jobs because of the lack of quality education. Quality education may be the only thing that stops them from getting a high paying job that they enjoy. In these cases, the government provides college grants for single parents in order to get a degree or higher education.

The grants that are available from the government of North Carolina are completely free and do not have to be paid back. Some of the sources from where college grants can be received include the College Foundation of North Carolina which provides a lot of information about grants, scholarships and also college readiness.

Housing assistance

Single mothers need assistance to help pay for their housing. The state of North Carolina provides rental assistance for mothers who qualify. The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency offers many different programs to help single mothers to be able to afford a safe place to live with their families. North Carolina also has HUD programs to help offer programming assistance for single mothers who want to purchase a home. They offer vouchers for housing and subsidized apartments if mothers fall into the specific income ranges.

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