Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Tennessee

Being a single mother can be very difficult at times. Fortunately, financial assistance is available for you if you are a single mother. The state of Tennessee has programs available to help lessen the burden.

Cash assistance

tenessee state assistanceThe Families First Program benefits single mothers. They get temporary cash assistance. This means that there is a limit on how long one will be getting the assistance and usually it is up to five years. All one needs to qualify is to check if their income requirement makes them eligible. There is a free online screening tool to check your qualifications.

Food Assistance

Through the Families First Program Tennessee assists needy families, including single moms, to get food for their families. They are usually given a temporary amount of cash to buy food. In addition there is the state’s Food Stamps program (SNAP) which enables single moms to get food for free from selected stores within their vicinity. Better yet, if they get approved, an EBT card will be sent to them. This card is just like a debit card which they can use to purchase food. Last but not least there is the school nutrition program where single mother’s kids can get free or subsidized breakfast and lunch.

Childcare assistance

Tennessee offers several childcare assistance programs to single mothers who can’t afford to pay for care of their children while at work. An example is the Recovery Child Care Scholarship Program whose main aim is to help those who need help. Another is the Families First Child Care Assistance program. Families participating in TANF can qualify for child care assistance. Co-payment is not required for people with low incomes.

Healthcare assistance.

Tennessee has its’ own version of Medicaid and Medicare programs. It is known as TennCare. This program assists people who are not able to get healthcare coverage through work or other means. The good thing is that Tenncare provides an affordable option for many single mothers who may be lacking healthcare coverage. For children, teens and youth whose families may miss Tenncare, the state offers another coverage option called TENNderCARE. In addition through the CoverKids program, uninsured children can get healthcare coverage at affordable costs. Eligible children are from families whose income falls under 250% of the federal poverty level.

Rent and housing assistance.

Tennessee Housing Development Agency manages rent assistance program. For single mothers looking for an affordable place to stay, they will benefit from the Housing Choice Voucher Program and various other types of rental agreements through Section 8.

College Grants

Single moms wishing to go to school can benefit from the separate section Tennessee State has established regarding financial aid for college. The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation offers information about student aid and college grants. This is beneficial for single moms as most apply specifically to women.

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