Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Vermont

With the years of economic downturn, single mothers have struggled even more than years past. It is hard to cover the basics of raising children, let alone the additional things like dance, sports, or gymnastics. When it seems as though it is always going to be difficult, remember that there are programs available to make the transition easier and to allow time for single mothers to get on their feet.

There are many forms of financial assistance. Most of the time, however, it is not about getting cash benefits. The assistance provided is usually in the form of a benefit or a voucher type system.

Food Assistance

financial assistance in vermont

If you find that you are in need of help in providing food for your children, apply to the 3SquaresVT program. This is a federally funded program that was historically called food stamps. You receive monthly benefits, usually in electronic EBT form, to purchase nutritious grocery items. If you think you may be eligible, visit for more details. Vermont also participates in the WIC program which is designed for pregnant women to help stay healthy during pregnancy and can provide supplemental food items for children up to the age of five. WIC does have qualification guidelines, so to get more information go to .

Healthcare Assistance

Many single mothers worry about the cost of health insurance. Even if it is offered as private insurance, it is often cost prohibitive. However, Vermont offers Medicaid which is available to low income families at no cost. They also Offer Catamount Health Insurance Plan and Dr. Dynasaur. Each of these programs has specific qualification guidelines that single mothers need to be aware of. By going to the state website, more details can be read and an informed  decision can be made .

Child Care Assistance

The cost of child care can be daunting to single mothers. Coming from a single income, a large portion of the paycheck may end up paying for this important expense. If, however, you are having trouble affording safe and reliable child care, you should look into the child care department and their child care subsidies. This program can help single moms by paying a portion of the total child care expense based on their income criteria. Go to to research more information about this benefit.

Education Assistance

Sometimes the best thing a single mother can do for herself and her family is return to school. By starting or finishing a degree, a single mom increases her earning potential and becomes a true role model for her family. Many women feel as though they can never return to school due to the expense. While it is true that going to college can be expensive, there are many opportunities for single mothers. By going to a website like a single mom can see what kind of jobs are out there and if any free money is provided for going into that particular job field. It can be very empowering to know that you can provide for the welfare of your children with no need of a man in the picture.

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