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It’s no surprise that single mothers need financial help. We are suffering from one of the worst recessions in US history. Everyone needs money these days, especially the single mother who’s trying to support children on a single income.

So let’s get the question out of the way: Is there legitimate financial aid programs for moms in need. The answer is yes, but you are going to have to explore quite a few options.

Financial aid for single mothers is readily available to women, but unfortunately they are often too busy to do the necessary research to seek them out. There are a great many financial aid for single mothers packages that can be taken advantage of and they are designed to greatly benefit the daily lives of women.


The good news is that financial hardships experienced by many women can be greatly alleviated with these packages regardless of the reasons for their single status. The single mother’s constant concern is that she is greatly troubled to find a balance between caring for her children and the work she does to support her family. She is aware of the importance of maternal bonding while her child is still quite young and is troubled to achieve that bonding. At the same time she realizes her urgent need to provide food and shelter for her children.

Balancing these two responsibilities is challenging at best so it is especially important that knowledge of Financial aid for single mothers reaches all single women seeking the relief such assistance will provide in their lives. The financial burdens faced by single women mainly come from the need to provide utilities, pay rent and purchase food for their families. Special financial aid packages will help relieve the stress many single women experience while trying to provide those necessities for their families.

It is possible for single women to receive grants, these are not paid back, and they will allow her to spend less time working so she will be able to put more effort towards other activities. Some single women are often seeking financial assistance to further their education, for career advancement, after they children have grown up. Financial aid for single mothers, fully funded by a number of institutions in the form of grants and scholarships, are available to single women in situations such as this. These funds however are usually available only to those who meet a certain minimum level of education.

Good research has to be done and careful attention paid to the application forms that must be completed to be eligible for the grants being offered by these institutions. Unfortunately, the amount of funds available to a student through a grant is considerably less than the amounts available through a loan.

Private Aid Programs

There are private single mother assistance programs out there that you can find. You can find aid from charity programs, women help shelters, and other charitable organizations that aim to help troubled families and single mothers. The help may not be financial, but could be in the form of food, shelter, clothing, education, and career advice.

You can see a list of resource links at the bottom of the article for more information about some of the private resources you can seek out.

Online Giveaways/Sweepstakes

There are a number of online programs that you can get free stuff from or get a chance to win money. All you need to do is fill out an application or a short survey to get the goods (or to enter into a draw).

  • 10k Scholarship for Working Adults – Register and you are entered into a draw for a 10k scholarship with the cash to be used towards your education. Worth the 5 minutes of your time to register!
  • 10k Scholarship for Dads  a similar program to above, but this one aimed at dads! Register for a chance at winning a 10k Scholarship.

More Programs


Financial Aid for School Programs

  • Federal Student Loans
  • Pell Grants
  • Private Student Loans
  • Student Scholarships

There are numerous federal aid programs available that provide help for students who want to attend college or some sort of post-secondary school program. This is important because single moms can, through these programs, find it possible to go back to school.


Typically, your options for financial aid for school consists of Grants, Scholarships, and Student Loans.

Loans for School

If you need loans to go to school, there are a few good options. The first option (and best), is to look Federal Student loans (The Perkins Student Loans, for example). These come with low interest rates and don’t require a credit check.

If you have good credit or bad credit but have a cosigner, then you can look at getting a Private student loan, such as the Chase student loan or the Salie Mae student loan.

If you don’t have good credit, then you’ll have to seek an alternative student loan from lenders who specialize in bad credit. The cost is going to be you pay higher interest fees.

Grant Programs for School

You can apply for the Pell Grant, which is part of the financial aid package given by the government. You will need to fill out the FAFSA application for this. There may also be some private grants you can get, both from the school you are attending and from non-profit organizations. Your best bet is to talk to the financial aid office at your local college for more information about school grants and scholarships.

Scholarships for School

You can get these from your school itself, from organizations that have endowments for scholarships, from businesses, and from websites. Near the top of the article we’ve listed a fee web-based scholarship programs you can apply for.


There may be grant programs you can apply for, depending on what it is you are seeking money. wants to stress that most grants given out do not apply directly to financial need, but rather target businesses and non-profit organizations that work in industries the government wants to promote. You may also have a chance of getting grants if you are a college student, as the government (and colleges) does give out grants for students.  But it may be worth shopping around to see if there is anything you can quality for (don’t get your hopes up).

You can check out something like this grant finding service to speed your search up.


Loans are not really recommended if you are looking for financial help. The main reason being that you have to pay them back and with MORE money.

Payday Loans

If you have money coming in and you need some money to tide you over till payday for some emergency. you could look at a payday loan. It’s easy to qualify for small cash sums (under 2000 dollars)  when apply for payday loans. If interested, we recommend The Payday Helper as a reputable online payday lender. Just whatever you do, MAKE SURE YOU PAY OFF A PAYDAY LOAN FAST. Do not take out such a loan without being able to pay it off in a few weeks or you’ll land in a world of financial trouble.

Personal Loans

These are better than payday loans because there’s much lower interest rates. Personal loans might be used to go on a vacation, but a car, fix up your house, or anything that costs more money than you have. However, remember, these loans are not free money — you are going to have to pay it back. Frankly, rather than look at some online loan handler,  it’s best to go directly to your BANK and discuss personal loan options. If your CREDIT is good, you should have no problem (don’t know your credit history, then do a credit check online)

Student Loans

We’ve discussed this above already. Suffice to say, it’s worth applying  for government student loans if you want to go back to college. It’s the best loan you are going to get, hands down. All you need to do is fill out the FAFSA application.

Business Loans

If you want to start up a new business, business loans are the way to go. They are not easy to get though and you really need to have a solid business plan in place. Don’t just go to the bank and expect to qualify for a business loan without having a working business idea in place. Remember, no bank is going to invest in you if you can’t prove yourself to them. You can go to the government’s website about business loans for more info.

Government Assistance for Single Moms

Note there are two types of government help you might find: federal assistance and state assistance. We’ve found that most of the help you’ll find is usually local state assistance. You should look at our complete guide to state assistance for single mothers where we list some of the state assistance programs by state. If you are seeking direct federal assistance, you may look at the government webpage.

In terms of direct government assistance,  there are special government organizations are funded and run especially to assist single women in their quest for financial assistance for their education.

Financial aid for single mothers are designed to fit every single woman’s needs and it is especially important that she seek available help to discover the full benefits of the programs.

Help is readily available to assist women to wade through the information available through financial aid for single mothers packages. One critical thing to remember is that Financial aid for single mothers allows a single woman to address her child rearing needs first and also the strain of her daily responsibility. Financial aid for single mothers can easily create independence and a good life for both your children and you.

There are some legit programs that single mothers can apply for. Here are a few of the main government assistance programs, both from the state and federal level.

Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

A very useful program that gives out cash to families in need of money. The applicants most likely to be approved for this program are families with children who cannot afford to buy the basics like food and clothing. There are some stipulations to applying for this, however. Parents who apply must either be working 30 hours a week or be regularly attending job skill training programs. For the really needy, it might also be possible to get food stamps.

CHIP Program

The CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) is a federally funded insurance plan and it’s available in every state. The program targets people who simply can’t afford to buy insurance. The insurance is basic, but it will help to pay for basic dental, vision, and medical care. For the needy mothers out there, this is a good program.


WIC stands for Womens, Infants, and Childrens programs. This program helps moms and single dad families with free coupons each month. The coupons can be traded for items that children and pregnant women need. Because the WIC has a large budget, single parents who apply stand a good chance to get accepted.

Fee or Reduced Meal Program

The sad truth is that quite a few children in the United States only ever eat a proper meal while at school. The federal government recognizes this and provides highly subsidized or free lunch meals for children at school. The requirements are based on income.

Food Stamp Program

This is probably the most popular program for single mothers looking for some extra help. The program was started in 1964 to combat malnutrition in the United States. Millions of dollars in food stamp program are given out each year by the federal government.

To apply for these programs, visit your local state’s Department of Human Services center and see if you qualify.

Need More Help??

Looking for more financial help? We’ve got a ton of articles and resources for you to look at.


There are quite a few websites online that offer guaranteed grants or scholarships for people. These are almost always completely fake.  You will be asked to send money to “process” the grant. You will either get NO grant (and losing your “application money”) or you will be given a list of so called grants to apply for — free information you can find online yourself. No agency or one person can guarantee any sort of grant. While there are legitimate grants available, they are often quite difficult to get. The federal government does not provide specific federal grants for single mothers or needy families, though local states might have some sort of assistance program.

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