Grants for Single Moms

Getting a grant as a single mother can seem like a daunting and lengthy process. A grant for single mothers can open a door to other areas and free up your time and energy to be focused completely on your child. There are so many ways to go about getting a grant and a successful application can hold many benefits.

There will never be any greater pressure in life than finding yourself in the situation where you have to care for your child as well as concentrating on your own life. This can create huge levels of pressure and stress that can be eradicated with a successful grant application. Caring for a child covers a lot of areas. Money will be needed to feed them, clothe them and pay for their education.

Therefore it is important that you are fully aware of the grant programs on offer and the way to go about applying for them. Never forget that grants are there to help you and although it may seem like the process is not designed in your favor, it really is.

School scholarships or grants are a great way to help out with education. They can even benefit both you and your child. If you earn a very low income then there is a good chance that your child will be put through school at no expense to you. You yourself could even apply for one because it will allow you to take that step back into further education and enhance your qualifications in order to apply for better and more lucrative jobs.

Never forget that scholarships and school grants will require evidence if very specific things. You will need to prove that you are hard up and earning a low income. In order for your child to qualify as well you will need to prove that they are very intelligent and they may even be subjected to one or two small tests.

Some Web-Based Sweepstake Programs

Sign up for an Educational Sweepstake Giveaway

There are also some private scholarships specifically for moms who would like to go back to school. These are web-based “contest” scholarships that function kind of like a sweep stakes — you apply and get a chance of winning money for school. Let me be clear here: these are NOT grants of any sorts. They are sweepstake contest — you fill out the application and get entered into a monthly scholarship draw for $10,000 to be used for school.


Here are the top ones:

Online Membership Giveaways/Offers

There are a whole wack of websites that are eager to get people to sign up for their online (free) memberships. You sign up and basically get free stuff to do so.

One such type program is The Cute Kid.  Submit photo for a chance to win 25k if you’re kid is the cutest!

Survey-Based Giveaways

Another form of the web-giveaway is to fill out a small survey and get something free for your time or a chance to win something (or maybe a combination of both).  These are, despite what you may be initially thinking, acutally legit programs. Basically, marketing companies pay you to do research and sell that research to paying companies who want to know how to better advertise to the public.

There are a lot of these programs around on the web, but here are a couple that may appeal to moms:

  • Surveys4Profit– a program where you fill out simple surveys / write reviews and get PAID to do so. Good for some extra cash if you have some time.
  • MindsPay SOI — fill out surveys to evaluate products and get paid money. Not bad if you have some time on your hands. It’s a legit program
  • Panda Research — another survey program. Fill out surveys, review products and get paid.

There are other programs out on the web that you can find if you search online.

In terms of concrete grants you have a few options.

Private Grants for Single Mothers

One of the best sources of financial help for single moms is to look to see what sort of private financial help you can find. Many many grants are actually given out by organizations and businesses. You might be surprised at what sort of grants you can get.

Employer Grants/Scholarships

For example, many corporations may offer some type of educational grant or scholarship to employees. Then there are the whole wack of grants given out by grant foundations. There are usually requirements in place that you will have to meet before you can qualify for private grants. For example, McDonalds offers their own scholarship program.

Organizational Grants

Many of the so called private grants are aimed at students or people who want to start businesses. Keep in mind that you are going to have to prove why you need the grant and in many cases, just needing “money” will not be enough. You will have to show you are going to school and have financial need or you are starting a business and have a concrete business plan, etc.

You can look at something like this site to help find grants.

Government Grants for Single Mothers

There is a lot of talk about so called government grants for single moms that I’ve seen passed around on the web. The truth is that there really is no such grant available for moms in need. Let me be even more frank: getting any sort of grant, in the traditional sense, is very very hard. Despite all these claims you see where the government is tossing out billions of dollars a year in grants, the government is actually not doing so. I’ve stated this in other articles here, but let me say it again: the government only gives out grants to students, business, and non profit organizations. So called “personal government grants” are pretty much non existent. Still, there are grants that you might be able to qualify for.

If you are dead set on qualifying for a “government grant” then here are the types of entities that can apply for grants listed on

Government Organizations

  • State Governments
  • Local Governments
  • City or Township Governments
  • Special District Governments
  • Native American Tribal Governments (federally recognized)
  • Native American Tribal Governments (other than federally recognized)

Education Organizations

  • Independent School Districts
  • Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education
  • Private Institutions of Higher Education

Public Housing Organizations

  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Indian Housing Authorities

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  • Nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education

So if you can’t fit yourself under one of the categories listed above, don’t bank on getting financial assistant grants from the federal government. Now just because you can’t get grants from does not mean the government doesn’t have some funding. Let’s take a look at at your options:

Federal Government Grants for Students

You can find out some more specific single mother grant programs on our financial help section.

There are federal grants given out to students. These are real and actually quite easy to qualify for.

Qualifications for each of these will differ, however. By far, the most popular and frequently given out government grant for students that’s actually given out is the Federal Pell Grant. As of 2011, the maximum amount you get from this grant is $5,550. The amount you get depends on your financial need and your calculated costs of attending school. As as single mom, you do stand a good chance of qualifying for some of these grants since you will be considered financially needy.

State Grants for Students

The federal government is not the only source of grant funding for single mothers. Your local state may offer grants applicable by single moms in need. You are going to have to find out what state grants are available in your area, however. You can find this information online or at your library.
Here are a couple examples of some of the more popular state grant programs available:
  • New Mexico Student Incentive Grant Award (up to $2500 dollars)
  • Kansas Comprehensive Grants (up to $1100 dollars)
  • New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (up to $5,500 dollars)
You will need to be a resident of your state to qualify for the state grants, however. To start your search for state grants, go to the government website dealing with state-based education.

Institutional Grants

While you can take advantage of federal grants and state grants for education, one of the best resources to look at you actual school. Many colleges and universities offer their own grants. Since single mothers can be a substantial percentage of the student population, there may even be specific college grants for single mothers offered by colleges themselves. Note that for many of these programs, you will need to file the FAFSA application. Even though the FAFSA is a  government financial aid application for school, many colleges will use this to determine what institutional financial aid you qualify for.

State Assistance for Single Mothers

Another area you might want to look into if you are seeking financial help is state help. These are programs that are offered by your state in combination with the federal government (some). If you need “financial help now” then these programs are a very very good bet and should be where you first put your efforts. Unlike government grants, these programs ARE for financial need.

  • Food Stamp Program — A program where stamps are given out each month. Stamps can be traded in for food at specific locations. Apply at your state DHS website
  • Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families — Money given out to struggling families. Must meet qualifications to receive funds, however.
  • CHIP Program — A health insurance program for children. CHIP provides dental, vision, and medical coverage for children.
  • Free or Reduced Meals Program — free lunches for kids going to school
  • WIC Program — coupons given out each month for stuff.

For more information about these programs, you should look at the government financial help website.


Private Financial Assistance for Single Mothers

There are a number of ways to get assistance from private sources. The sources might be charities, women’s shelters, and religious organizations. Here is a small list of some of the more major programs out there that offer financial assistance, be it shelter, food, job counseling, or emotional support:

This list is not exhaustive by any means — do a web search to find more.

Final Word on Grants for Single Moms

Grants are a good way to pay for school, but don’t bank on getting ton’s of free money. If you want to seek out government grants, we suggest you put most of your energy into qualifying for state assistance programs as listed in this article. If you wish to go back to school as a single mother, then you have a good chance of qualifying for government grants such as the Pell Grant. And certainly look at other ways of getting financial help such as applying for web-based giveaways and seeking help from charities. Another option is to look at getting a part time job. If there are no jobs in your areas, then consider a work at home job as an option.

It must be said that as a single mother, getting an education is perhaps your BEST ticket to improving your life, both socially and financially. This can take years of work, but the effort is well worth it in the end.

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  1. I am a single mother of two. I was adopted as a baby. I am 23 years old and I am going to college for Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. Finding a scholarship is HARD. Any ideas? If so, please email me at [email protected]

  2. I am a single mom. I am going to school online already, i don’t need a grant for that unless i can get a bigger one. I don’t want to take out any loans a grant like that would be perfect but the only ones i seem to find are ones for Starting your own business> i sell avon so i’m not sure if that would qualify me. going to try this and see what happens.

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