How to Find Home Grants for Single Mothers

In recent years the number of home grants for single mothers has fallen. The amount of money and grants made available has stayed the same or even increased, the problem is that grant money is slowly being taken from the individual and given over to companies. To make things more complicated, different grants will alter from state to state. Most grants as well require a long qualification process but there are still several places that one can look. In this article, we will look at where one can possibly find home grants for single mothers and some of the criterion that apply.

HUD or the department of housing and urban development is one place to start looking. HUD specializes in the reselling of foreclosure properties in an effort to make housing available at a low cost. HUD does also make available some grant money however this money is given out only to companies and organizations that provide housing assistance to individuals. Before participating in the HUD program all applicants must register at  There is also a specific set of criterion depending on the company HUD grants the funding to.

The catalogue of federal domestic assistance is another excellent resource for finding home grants for single mothers. It is literally an online catalogue of the various grants that the government make available. They don’t just apply to single mothers or to homes so sifting through can be a rather tedious chore. Along with the specific grants that are available, the site also lists the criterion under which one must qualify. This again can be a tedious process to sift through but all the information one needs is right there on the site.

Both the Freddie Mac and Fannie May programs are excellent places to look for home grants for single mothers. Similar to HUD, they only make funds available to organizations not to individuals. They do however publish their list of grant recipients which may prove useful in where to locate the specific funding you might need. The amount is numerous so be prepared to do some heavy research.

Finally the Nehemiah program, which is privately funded, is one of the largest grant giving organizations in the country. The Nehemiah program works with primarily first time homebuyers but repeat buyers are not totally excluded from their program. To work with the Nehemiah program one has to go through an approved lender. If the entire criterion is met the program can gift up to 6% of the purchase price of the house. Although not specifically tailored to single mothers, they can certainly benefit from what they offer.

Unfortunately, the government is cutting back on the grant money given to individuals and slowly giving it over to organizations. Although the actual amount of grant money may have increased in recent years, this process can make searching out the right grant a very lengthy and tedious process. However, with some perseverance and a little luck it is still possible to find some good home grants for single mothers.

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  1. HUD told me just this morning that they couldnt do anything for me and my children and smiled telling me to have a nice day.

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