How to Get Single Parent Assistance from the Government

Government assistance single parents are words that you can put together in any sequence. All single parents have problems and all single parents will need some assistance at some stage. Times are tougher than they have ever been before and some single parents are only just surviving. There is a lot of assistance available to you but you have to be prepared to find it for yourself.

The worst situation you will ever be in as a single parent is being forced to raise your child and being able to do little about your own immediate situation. You can never let your head drop because once you admit defeat; you will start to experience the really depressing problems.

Government organizations working to provide you with many programs that will easy your stress and worry. These bodies will help you in a variety of ways and can guide you through many of the application processes that you will have to engage in. These packages will put money into your pocket to help you get things done. It is important to remember that the only way you will qualify for these things is if you are on low earnings. The government is likely to reject your application if you have some funds that you can draw on but have not considered as a safety net.

The best way to seek assistance is by using the medium of the internet. The government website will have a lot of helpful information and can give you links to the best websites for assistance. Some may charge a small fee but in the long run it is money that you will eventually make back. A lot of advice services, application help and assistance with other problems can all be tackled through the internet, you need to be ready and willing to sit down and put in the hours.

Consider using these government backed websites regularly because they will have the most up to date and professional advice that is currently available. It should be free and can generally point you in the right direction for any set of circumstances. The government will be able to tell you, through these websites, the grants, loans and other programs you can access and all of the things that you will need in order to qualify for these.

However, regardless of the assistance available to single parents, the point is that unless you put the work in, you will not get anywhere. You need to know where to go for the assistance when you most need it. Consider checking the government website every other day because if you are the first to pounce on new information, you could be the first to take advantage of it.

Remember that government assistance single parents are words that can become your best friend. With the help of the internet and a little research you will be able to break free of the terrible burden of insufficient funds and will be able to stand on your own two feet.

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  1. I’m a single mom of 2 wonderful kids. Our house is falling down around us and I’ve tried fixing it but every time I do something else happens we’ve had water leaks and electrical problems I work 48 to 52 hrs a week and live paycheck to pay check!I want a HOME my kids will be proud to walk in everyday!they are both very involved in scool choir student council fellow christian athletes and even my daughter is th school mascot. We have a lot of pride we have come a long way TOGETHER!I am a vic WE are victims of domestic violence and it has its scars but our wounds are healing. We desperatly need a home. My land is almost paid for. If you can help. PLEASE FOR MY SWEET CHILDREN!

  2. live in motel homestead lodge gaffney sc 29341 baby due sept 24th a man that broke my leg 2005 offered live with him i say no i am loving person who would love a home no one throw child an i out couldnt afford to file taxes this yr if u wanta come fill out i will sign tired of looking for help no answers i cant stand the thought of taking my child tramatize us both

  3. my name is Jaclyn i am 19 and i have a son who is almost 1 yr and i just gave birth to my daughter on the 9th of febuary. My children are not currently with me do to i can not find a job and i can not support them as much as i thought i could. I love my children and i really need help please my children are in the custody of the state and i need them back if you are able to help i would be really thankful. I have tried everywhere including welfare and other resources. So please help me and my children. Please i miss them and i need them in my arms again! thank you.

  4. i need help finacially im trying to get help with housing in newjersey i live in georgia now and id like to move to newjersey please help im struggling trying my best call me at (678)600-9389 THANKYOU

  5. I am a 33 y/o single mother of three trying my best to stay afloat during this hardship my children and I face. I’m trying to make due and find resources to aid in my situation, as I continue my search I seem to keep hearing “No Funds”. I have filled out applications for every market there is, including the ones I’ve been trained for and no one is hiring. PLEASE provide me with the help I need to avoid being put out! I thank you for your time and consideration in advance.


  6. My name is Ciera Wilson and i have a 5 years old daugther and i want a better life for me and her.Not working right now but id i could get the help that i need to make my life and my daughter life better..Living at home with my mom and she’s a single parnet her self taking care of 2 kids her self.So i help that everything works out for me.Thanks!!!!!!!!

  7. I am currently in the military, looking to seperate soon. I am only 7 weeks pregnant almost 8 weeks and I’m looking for help with a job, place to stay and assistance. I have found some resources to help me, but it’s hard to look for and apply for a job because I am stationed in Japan. I don’t know any steps to take, but I can’t file for seperation until I start having my appointments. I just want everything to be set up for when I get out. Could someone please help me out here?? Anyone going through similar situations?

  8. standing in loco parentis for over three years now im fighting to keep my son for the remaining time of his 6year sentence in prison instead of his criminal lawyer

  9. hi my name is sara I hav 1 beautiful lill girl I am 22 years old lookn for a chance resently got saved … I put it all in the lords,hands and have faith but truthfully I am scared wichita ks is struggling with teens n young aduts being homeless ….there are no room in shelters an its cold out side I have no were 2 go I have no job so im not able to pay rent or bills my landlord asked us to leave bt now I dont kno wat to do ive been thru alot an wish something good happens this christmas

  10. Hi My name is Trakisha I have a son whom just turned 3 yrs old and about two years ago his father/my husband was in a fatal motorcycle accident leaving me at that time our first child 6 mos old to care for and I aslo was caring for my deceased brothers son as well tryn to hold the house down with all utilities to pay and vechicles and no job I did finish and earned my diploma for medical assistance but after the accident I was set back and I really need help moving forward with my life and myself so my son can look forward to a better future I was truley blessed with my son my late husband and I had to got thru Ivf to concieve du to a benign tumor I had on my left ovary that they end up removing my life had been up and down but I am a strong women and can do anything when I put my mind to it but there are times I just really need some help to get started. Thank you, Have a Blessed Day.

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