Jobs for Single Parents: Work at Home Opportunities and Other Jobs

It is not an easy task of being a single parent. This is especially true for single mothers. They need to shoulder the household responsibilities of single-handedly raising the kids. They must work to earn their livelihood. This is no easy task as single mothers or fathers are the sole earning members of their families. Apart from this, it is a fact that job competition is stiff and most single parents cannot find great paying full time jobs. This is especially true in the economy we are in now.

Single parents who have not earned a college degree will have difficulty finding jobs that pay adequately. Lack of a college education is the primary reason of their low paying income. In such a scenario, looking for a secondary income to raise their kids becomes mandatory. In this context, work at home job opportunities have become a blessing. They help single parents, especially single mothers, in augmenting their income. Some work from home jobs may even replace the source of full-time income if they become profitable enough.

When all is said and done, you need to know how to be realistic in finding work from home options. This is because there are numerous scams and fraudulent cases of people getting caught in situations where they have done the work but do not get paid. This is a sad fact that happens each and every day.

Work from home opportunities can be quite appealing. Every single mother wants to work from home so that she is able to spend much more time caring for her children. Also, this gives single mothers much more time to take care of their household responsibilities and save money on child care. But, as a single mother or single father, you need to be careful of coming across fake websites that promise great work and earning potential. In this case, remember the popular saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Work from home opportunities—what should I expect?

Educational qualifications

It’s usually true that a formal education degree can brighten your prospects of getting better paying jobs. But, do these qualifications also matter when considering work from home opportunities? They do if you consider better paying jobs with particular skill sets.

Many such opportunities available include medical transcription, legal transcription, online data entry jobs, content writing, editing, and proofreading services that can be pursued by working from home. These job opportunities require particular skill sets and therefore can be considered by single parents who have a formal degree.

Job expectations

There are work from home jobs for people without even a basic formal education. You need to know your interests before applying for work from home opportunities. Don’t try a work from home opportunity just because it pays well. If you choose your jobs this way, you are unlikely to stick with it for very long.

Some of the types of jobs that do not need formal education may include filling envelopes, filling out forms, and other basic work that is done online. A college degree is not essential for this purpose and a high school diploma will suffice.

While considering work from home jobs, a single parent should consider some job ready skills. Don’t agree to do an unpaid training period. As with any other job you should be paid when you start working- even when you are being trained.

You need to know that you can simply not switch on the computer and expect the money to pour in. Results will be achieved if you are quite willing to work, just as it is with any other business. It will take time for the work from home options to work really well.

There are many single mothers who need to raise their children and companies these days are willing to provide flexibility to women provided they live up to their potential of working well. There are many work from home sales jobs. These are typical telemarketing jobs: you need to convince clients over the phone to buy products for their company. Alternately, you may also consider the following career options that have tremendous growth potential and people do actually make a good income from these work from home options.

Many women and men may be gifted with great language skills. These single parents can opt for the following options:

Web article writer

You could consider writing articles for various blogs and websites. If you are bi-lingual you may be able to find a lot of companies who require your expertise.

If you are looking for some specific recommendations, here are a couple — this is a place that will set you up with online writing work. Very useful in that a job is set up for you so very little groundwork on your part needed — probably the “biggest” website in the world for finding freelance work such as writing articles for websites. You have to line up your own job by bidding on projects, however. — free to use, but it can be difficult to find long term work. There are no protection schemes like in the two suggestions above so it’s much harder to ensure you don’t get ripped off by people taking your work and running without paying you for it.

Internet marketing skills

Internet marketing involves the process of selling products online through websites. You could sell your own products, or those of a company. You can even sell information products.

Data entry

Data entry is when you are paid a fee to enter information into a document or form.  There are some companies out there that offer jobs like paid surveys. Truth be told, you don’t get paid a lot, but it is work and if you have spare time and need something extra, it’s worth looking into.

Web developer

If you are a web developer, your job would be developing content for the Web sites of companies. You would probably need to have a degree in computer science to be successful.

Your options are not limited here. There are so many different freelancing jobs that you can do at home. Freelancing job sites are available if you have a specialized skill. You bid on projects that interest you and come to an agreement with an employer on what your pay will be. It takes time to establish yourself as a freelancer, but once you have done so, you can be quite successful. To line up work, we suggest using since this website makes it easy to find clients looking for work and offers protection schemes to ensure you get paid for the work you do.

When to work

One of the benefits of being a work from home parent is that you can work when you choose to. Some parents work when their children are asleep during the day and at night when they are young. Remember, if you are a stay at home parent you may not need to work as much because you will be saving a lot of money by not having to put our children in daycare. When children are school-aged, stay at home parents can work during the school day and stop working when children are home from school.

If you are a parent looking to make money working from home, search the internet for opportunities that interest you. However, be cautious about paying for job opportunities. Also, don’t expect to make a lot of money without putting forth much effort. These kinds of claims may turn out to be untrue.

Other work options

There are many other options for work beside work at home ones. You might network with friends and family to find out if they know of any work opportunities. You should also be diligent about checking job forums, and your local newspaper.

If you want more information about career opportunities for single parents, take a look at our jobs for single parents section.

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