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Money tight? The answer is to upgrade your career. There are a lot of opportunities out there that you can seek out as a single mother. Money is often tight as a single mother, but it doesn’t have to be so. Worrying about money as a single mother is a natural thing. There are so many things to think about from putting food on the table to paying for sports equipment so your son or daughter can join a local sports club. Your career can often be forgotten when you have kids to deal with, about but if you focus on improving your career through education and job training, you will be able to apply for better jobs and start earning a better income.

The best careers for single mothers may not be the ones that instantly spring to mind. Due to the strain of raising a child you may not care to think about any career aspirations that you once had or still have. Careers are accessible in a variety of forms and there are many ways that you can work for a bigger income and not sacrifice a single moment of raising your child. There are a lot of better jobs out there other than minimum wage jobs — jobs that, because of children, many single mothers end up working.

This article will focus on one or two of the best possible career choices that a single mother could opt for. These will create a better future for you and your child as well as alleviating any stress you may have.

The long-term way of improving your career is going back to school, which may sound terrifying but this is your best bet to increase your income. Scholarships and grants can pay for your college or degree education and a lot of courses can be studied part time. This means that the institutions will let you work around your own lifestyle and you will not have to sacrifice a single bit of attention that you would normally give to your child.

Employers are all looking for better qualifications and they are increasingly important when you consider the current economic environment as well as experience. If you have better qualifications on your resume then it will look more appealing to employers and eventually you will get a few more interviews and better prospects. The beauty of long term investment in your career is that by the time everything comes together your child will probably be in a school routine, which will free up your time and attention.

Another popular route that you could take is the work at home route. There are a lot of companies that need bulk work done for smaller things such as entering statistics online. These data entry jobs can easily be done from the comfort of your own home, meaning that you will always be in your child’s environment. However, be warned that there are a lot of bogus data entry jobs and the ones that are legal are very popular and go fast. You will have to blanket search on almost a daily basis to find something, if you are going to choose this route.

These are just one or two of the best careers for single mothers. There are a lot of other routes that you could decide to travel down but always bear in mind that you are trying to create a better future for you and your child or children. Employers do want you and there will always be a job out there that will help you revive your career aspirations.

Selling Your Talents Online

Finding legitimate online jobs may take a good bit of searching. The fact is there really are a lot of “cons” scams” and bogus “career opportunities being advertised online everyday. A great majority of the single moms who try this route usually give up after falling victim to one or several of these.  In this portion of the article all the links you find will lead you to a legitimate site that will allow you to sign up for free and bid on job contracts. Places where people just like you who can either write well, have blogging experience, programming, web design and many other talents can actually find work. The money is really good on some of the jobs. Before giving you the list there are a few things you should do first.

  • Know what you are good at. List all the things you think you are good at. Now go over this list and be brutally honest with yourself. If you were hired to a project requiring that skill would you be able to do an excellent and professional job. Now that you have the list narrowed down, you are ready for the next step.
  • If you are accepting work that requires a certain amount of dedicated time would you still need childcare. Do not kid your self taking care of a child can make the whole process more stressful. Be prepared to have a sitter for a few hours to get the bulk of the work out of the way.
  • Do not go for any projects that require you to spend money. Really why should you pay them to work for them? Legitimate sites usually operate on a brokerage type of system you bid, your bid gets accepted and then they get a commission usually 3-10% of the total project. If you bid 250.00 on a project and the employer accepts you. The company will be entitled to a 10% commission or 25.00 for the introduction. You will take home 225.00 for the completed work.
  • Do not sign up on sites that require you to do unpaid training.

Work From Home Job Ideas

Here’s a brief list of possible job work from home careers that single mothers can seek out without having to go back to college. These jobs can be a good way to supplement your income. In some cases, you can earn a full time income.

Keep in mind that many of these jobs are commonly seen advertised online. There are some legitimate programs, but you are going to have to sort through a lot of junk.

You basically fill out surveys for money. It’s possible to make some decent supplemental money doing this. Keep in mind, this is not a “ride on easy street” job, but there is some money to be had. You might look at this program which will teach you how to make money with paid surveys.

Article Writing
You can visit places like and hire yourself on as a writer. The website will help link you up to LEGIT jobs. There are a lot of webmasters that need content for their websites so the demand is there.  If you are a decent writer, you can write 4 to 10  dollar articles. If you are willing to work hard, you can make a pretty good supplemental income doing this. is another option.

Internet Marketing
This is a great way to make a lot of money online. You learn how to make money by selling things online, usually through your own blogs or websites. The learning curve is steep and there is a lot of work involved, but you can “earn” money online. Like anything you do for work, it’s a skill you’ll have to learn. Note, I’m hesitant to recommend these this as career since most of the programs I’ve found online to be scams.

Blogging for Money

You can create blogs and put advertisements and sell products to people online. Like Internet Marketing, blogging for money is not as easy as some people (usually people who have a vested interest in selling something to you) make it out to be. But, if you are a good writer and you have a personality, it’s possible to create a successful blog and make lots of money.

Website Development
If you have some skill with computers and you are willing to learn how to develop websites at school or on your own time, it’s possible to set yourself up as a web developer. The same goes for programming, art (website banners, website designs, etc), and so on. There is some real effort required on your part to become a qualified and skilled website developer, but with work, it’s possible. Keep in mind you’ll probably need to consider some sort of online school to learn the ropes or put in a lot of time trying to learn on your own. A legit field for a mom to work in though, as you can work from home as a freelancer web developer.

Sell Things on Craigslist

You can buy things for cheap and sell them for more money on craigslist. This is a viable way to make extra money on the side and you don’t need to learn anything you don’t already know!

Now that you have the basics here are a few sites that can help you to start earning that extra income right away if you want to write articles, develop websites, or try and become an online assistant.


Really all you need to start making legitimate money from home is a computer, reliable Internet connection and a few solid hours a day. This concludes this effort to assist you in your need to have a career that also leaves you family time. None of these are get rich quick opportunities but if you have a good work ethic you can subsidize your income without leaving the comforts of home.

Skilled Jobs

You don’t only have to go the work-at-home route as a single mother. There are other options. If you are a single mother you are probably already working two jobs and still struggling to make ends meet. You may be considering additional education as a way to get into a better career field. If this is you there are a number of ways to not only take the courses you desire but also to fund this endeavor.

Consider taking an online course, this allows you to cut out the expensive childcare cost and spend time at home with your family. There are quite a few good school choices online (check Education Ahead).

There are certain non-work-at-home jobs whose outlook for the future are better than others are . Jobs in the Health care fields are rising exponentially, for example.   Here is a few that show great promises and most require a small amount of class time before you can begin working at your new career. Note that many of these jobs will require an education or training of to qualify. The good news is that you don’t need to spend 4 years at college; you can often take a 4-8 month online course or visit one of the many online colleges that will provide you with a flexible schedule and cheap tuition (as well as  the ability to study from home).

Home Health Aid:

This field is being buffered because of the “baby boomers” that generation is now becoming senior citizens and there is a great demand for in home assistants. Older people are trying to remain in their homes as long as possible and this is creating a great need for trained health aides to provide assistance with everything from household chores to grocery shopping.

Paralegal and Legal Aids:
This field is increasing due to fact that some of the jobs that were formally reserved for associate lawyers are being delegated to formally trained legal assistants and paralegal staff members. You can study for this position online at several online colleges.

Medical Assistants:
Getting a certification, as a medical assistant can be the best thing you can do for your family. The job outlook for the coming 10 years in this field is that it will only increase in numbers of assistants needed. Training as a medical assistant can be a starting point for those who are interested in going onward to finally getting a nursing degree. It allows you to work at a job with a great income while also studying for the future. Classes start throughout the year.

Information Technologies:

Within the last few years we have all witnessed a deteriorating economy and along with it certain industries. With all the technological advances being adopted a lot of industries are downsizing the living employees and replacing them with robotic counterparts. IT professionals are in big demand and the demand will only get greater as technology continues to move the business environment. Classes are available all types of IT professionals online and at colleges near you.

Start a Business

There are grants and loans available for women who are interested in starting their own businesses. It could be a home based business or a brick and mortar business. First you must have a plan. That great idea will remain just a great idea if you do not put pen to paper and start to develop it into a plan of action., although the government does not label any grant specifically for women or single mothers there are several resources and funding avenues sponsored by the government that a single mom bent on starting her on business can take advantage of. Included in this portion of this article will be various links to search tools and informational sites that can give you a more in depth explanation and help you get started on your journey into self sufficiency.  The US Small Business Administration has several networks. These Women’s Business Centers provide support and educational resources in an effort to help a female start and grow a successful business. If you live near a major metropolitan area you may be able to locate one near you. Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Washington, Wisconsin and Florida all have office for this funded by the local and state governments., has all the information you will need to properly asses whether your idea may be a great idea or if you need to rethink it., being your own boss in a home based business can be both rewarding and challenging.  The above link is to a site that has various tools that allow you to asses not only your readiness to do business but whether or not there is a market for what you intend. It tells you how to start and operate your business and comply with all the federal and state regulations at the same time. Before beginning any type of business from your residence check with your local government in regards to zoning laws. Visit to see what question you will need the answers to before opening your business.


When going back to school is not a viable option or if you are looking to take control of your life and finances there are thousands of ways to get the job done. You can work from home and supplement your income. The advantage of the Internet has opened up a whole new avenue of job opportunities. You can work for employers across the country or around the world. It will be a great experience and if you are serious about what you do you can earn a living doing what you enjoy. You are strongly advised to look into some of the opportunities present to you here. Take them for a trial run and see what you can accomplish. Give yourself 3months if you are not seeing success by then you may need to rethink the whole enterprise but it is unlikely that this will be the case.

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