Single Mom Assistance

The times are tough right now. It seems like the news is full of how many people are losing their jobs, how the stock market is falling, disaster after disaster. While some pundits are claiming that things are looking up, it’s true that this has been one of the most difficult times out there for the average person. Single moms are suffering more than most. However, there are some programs out there that can offer single mom assistance.

If you are a single mother, you need to decide what sort of help you are looking for. Do you need some quick finanical help to pay off some emergency bills? Are you aiming to go to college or start a business but find yourself unable to because you simply don’t have the money to do so? Or maybe you simply are unable to pay your bills and are living from month to month without knowing how you are going to keep a roof over your head and food on the table for your children.

There are some things you can do to get some single mother aid. Keep in mind that there is NO sure-fire solution out there for you, but you can get some help that might make life easier or make it possible for you to accomplish something to help get you out of your finanical problems.
If you need to get some quick money, consider getting some sort of loan for single moms. Single mother loans are basically payday loans that you can give you some quick money. These are useful to pay some quick bills — maybe fix a car that just broke or cover some emergency bills. However, remember that loans much be repaid. Never take out a loan if you won’t be able to repay it and certainly don’t take out a payday loan if you can’t repay it within a month!

If you want to accomplish something that could change your life — say going to college or starting  business, consider looking at getting some sort of single mother grant. You can get grants for college, grants for business, etc. Grants are offered by the government or by non-profit organizations. You can spend some time looking online for single mother grants — check out any offer you see. It may take a while before you find grants you qualify for, but there certainly may be some out there for you.

You can look at getting some federal welfare aid as well. Welfare can help you make ends meet, if you don’t have enough money to pay some of the bills. Keep in mind there are specific sets of criteria that you will have to meet if you want welfare assistance. Welfare is only temporary help as well, so don’t bank on it as being a long term solution to your finanical woes.

There may also be some charity programs you can look at. Charities may offer single mothers in need things like toys, food, clothing, and even shelter in some cases. It can be difficult to swallow your pride and seek help from a charity, but that’s what these programs are for. It’s more important that you give your children comfort and clothing than keep pride.

You might want to consider getting some part time job. There are different job opportunities out there. While you may already be working full time, you can look at getting into some sort of work at home job opportunities. The internet does have jobs for moms that you might be able to find, if you do some searching online. Remember, if you feel like there is no single mother assistance available, don’t give up!
Single mom assistance is there for moms in need, you just have to search. Whatever you do, don’t ever give up!

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  1. Hi my name is Shannon and I have been going through the breakdown a an entire year. I’m a single parent of 2 no where to stay and no money. I just need help I need to keep my kids together, and it’s really effecting us. I have no family here in Atlanta Georgia and I really need some type of assistance. My kids father is not helping with no money and I find it hard to take care of my family. I am currently sleeping on the floor at my in laws house and only have a month to find somewhere to go if you can help me my number is 910-265-7893

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