Helping Your Children Survive Your Divorce

There are thousands of reasons why you might be experiencing the pain of divorce. Every marriage is unique, as is every break up. And, if it’s true to say that marriage isn’t easy, neither is divorce. There are so many things that will be worrying you, if you have recently decided to call an end […]

Child Custody Tips for Single Moms

The mere fact that there is an issue of custody means that the other parent was active in the life of the child, regardless of the duration of that relationship. There is therefore now a breakdown in the relationship between the two parents, and the mother, now a single mom, is seeking custody. Below are […]

Childcare Resources for Single Mothers

As a single mother who needs to work, you know that the decision to leave your young children in somebody else’s care is a difficult one. Note, this currently applies to the USA, but we will have a Canadian and UK version soon. Making it even more difficult is the outrageous cost of child care […]