Tax Tips for Moms

It is important that everyone who is able to should pay taxes. That includes mothers, even those who work at home. Taxes have to be filed by a certain date, unless an extension has been granted. They can be filed by moms, themselves, or by professionals. Tax tips for moms will help to guide these persons into performing their national duties.

Tax Help for Moms Who Work at Home

If the work at home mother has the knowledge, and her taxes are straightforward enough, she could file her taxes on her own.

Help is available from the The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS provides free booklets, charts, forms, and other tools aimed at helping nationals to complete their tax returns. Moms have the option of doing this activity on their own, for free, and the IRS has some suggestions:

1. Be Prepared.

A copy of last year’s tax return should be handy (assuming this one is not the first), along with relevant forms like W-2s, 1099s, etc. Last year’s adjusted gross income (AGI) should be quickly estimated, and free information about the program should be obtained.

2. Select a Free File Option.

The option could be for using either a free file tax software, or free file fillable forms. The tax software may be used if AGI is at or below $58,000. On the other hand, if only basic calculations are required, the fillable forms are a good choice.

3. E-file Your Return for Free. This service facilitates electronic transmission of returns using the secure IRS e-file.
It also allows the tracking of tax refunds, and the safe and quick receipt of them. This can be ready in 72 hours after acknowledgement of an electronic receipt, or three to four weeks if the return was mailed. A weekly check on Wednesdays should be made in that instance.
Also facilitated are electronic payment options. These include electronic funds withdrawal, use of a debit or credit card, or enrollment into the US Treasury’s Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Other Tax Tips

Tax Software

If the tax issues are fairly straightforward and therefore not too complicated, automated software are available to pick up anything that may have been missed by individuals. They are fairly inexpensive, and can be obtained at several retail stores, as well as online. The software include –

TurboTax – this tool guarantees

  • Maximum refunds,
  • 100% accurate calculations, and offers a
  • Free Audit Support Center.TaxCut – this tool offers
  • Five free Federal e-files and expertise in every version,
  • Extra assistance and money-saving advice for maximum deductions,
  • Facility for turning donations into tax savings,
  • Live tax advice from tax professionals,
  • Importation of last year’s tax and financial data, and
  • In the event of an audit, personal assistance from an IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent who has audit representation expertise.

Professional Services

If a human touch is preferred, some recommended professional tax services include:

  • H&R Block – this entity has several office locations. They offer to decipher all the required tax codes, so that taxpayers will receive the refunds they deserve.
  • Jackson-Hewitt – this entity also has several office locations (seemingly in every State). They offer to review any return, regardless of who prepared it. If they find errors or additional deductions and credits, which would mean more funds available for receipt (free of charge), they are prepared to correct or amend the return, for a fee, at participating offices.

Tax Attorney or CPA

Certified Public Accounts (CPAs) or tax attorneys, offer the best option where tax preparation is concerned. This may not be an option for work at home moms, but other moms who may have more complex or unique tax needs, could be best served by these professionals. This is of significance since work at home and other professionals are more likely to be audited.

Realize Savings

There are ways that have been put forward for mothers to realize further savings –

Wait for the Tax Refund

Advertisements tend to encourage taxpayers to request instant refunds. It has been found, however, that a faster refund does not exist. It is felt that the average refund takes 10 days to be received, if filed electronically, and waiting, rather than rushing the refund, may result in savings of $100 or more.

File Returns Early

It is also a common practice for taxpayers to file late returns. However, although it is allowed, paying late returns attract fees which may add up to more than $100.

Realize State Sales Taxes

It is agreed that the sales tax paid for purchasing a motor vehicle, or materials for building a home, can be deducted so that a bigger refund can be realized.

Remember Reinvested Dividends

Although these funds are not tax deductions, they are important subtractions that can save a lot of money, and many persons miss that opportunity. Forgotten reinvested dividends cause a double taxation of the dividends, first when they are received, and later when they are included in the sales proceeds.

Include out-of-pocket Charitable Contributions

It is not necessary to be a big corporation to benefit from deductions for charitable contributions. Mothers, who drive their cars for charity, are allowed to deduct 14 cents per mile. Deductions can also be made for ingredients purchased for casseroles, cakes, or anything else for a nonprofit organization’s soup kitchen, for example. Receipts for all these transactions should be safely kept.

Job-Hunting Costs

This facility does not apply to a first job. Job search expenses for a position in the same type of work in which the mom was previously employed, include:

  • Food, transportation, and lodging if staying overnight is necessary,
  • Taxi fares,
  • Employment agency fees,
  • Printing costs for resumes, business cards, advertising, and postage.

Moving Expenses for First Job

Although the expenses incurred while hunting for the first job are not deductible, moving expenses to get to the job are. However, the job needs to be at least 50 miles away from the old home.

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